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Pictured here are Joanna, Dr. Hanscom’s assistant, and Mr. Goldfarb, one of his patients.

Periodic Eylea injections given by Dr. Hanscom have allowed Mr. Goldfarb to maintain excellent reading vision for over ten years. He recently celebrated his 104th birthday. He was overjoyed when Joanna, who is fluent in Polish, sang "Happy Birthday" to him in his native language.

March 2021

Santa Monica Location

Staff is very professional and courteous. Dr Dadgostar has been caring for my eyes for almost ten years now. He explains things that make me easily understand. Great doctor. If you need one, try him. You will not regret it.

Chuan W. March 2021

Encino Location

I adored Dr. Engstrom for twenty years! I have multiple sclerosis Parkinson's disease, a liver abscess vertigo and a macular pucker. Dr Engstrom doesn't miss a trick! He found my skin was loose under my left eye and brought my vision down to 20/60 besides the pucker. I am 84 and having surgery. He is the very best, kindest, most professional man. His father was a doctor too so he is to the manner born. The greatest!

Joyce K. March 2021

Encino Location

If you are facing problems with your eyes, please seek the help of these wonderful professionals. They completely solved my problem, and I could not be happier with my sight fully restored. My problem was worsening floaters and flashes of light in my left eye. After being told by an emergency room that I was not having a retinal detachment, I sought out The Retina Partners because my central vision was so obstructed.

Dr. Guerami and his staff were so helpful and encouraging. I was not hesitant to do surgery because I felt this group had such command over the situation. The surgical team was fantastic, my recovery astonishingly short, and my vision 100% restored. Thanks to this professional group. I cannot recommend them enough.

Sheila F. January 2021

Encino Location

Thank you, Dr. Sanfilippo, for doing your best to save my dad's vision and helping preserve his quality of life in his senior years. He really felt your care and concern, as did the whole family. We appreciate you.

Jen A. December 2020

Encino Location

So happy to have been referred to this practice. Dr Moysidis is fantastic, and the entire team was friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient. COVID protocols were followed and the Century City office is large enough to allow for good distancing. Really great experience all around.

Cts Miao February 2021

Century City Location

Great office staff, very prompt and friendly. Dr Hanscom answered my questions and explained the testing and results thoroughly. After many photos and tests, he said I did not have a retinal tear and didn't need surgery. I still have to figure out why my eye is blurry, but now I can confidently rule out retinal damage. He suggested a corneal specialist.

Nicki Q. February 2021

Santa Monica Location

Almost five months ago, after suddenly experiencing a blank area in my vision in my right eye, I was diagnosed with a partially detached retina and referred to Dr. Dadgostar at the Valencia office of The Retina Partners. I was, of course, absolutely terrified by this diagnosis and thought the next step was likely to be blindness in that eye. When I arrived at the The Retina Partners office I immediately began to experience a calming and highly caring staff, including Julie who was the first to welcome me. Within a few minutes I had the pleasure of meeting Dr. Dadgostar. I was immediately impressed by him. Two days later I underwent a retina reattachment surgery with him and now a few months later my retina is fully reattached with no deficits. He absolutely worked a miracle. Needless to say, I am sold on The Retina Partners and would highly recommend them to anyone experiencing problems like this. Truly great people who know what they are doing! I am forever grateful.

John F. February 2021

Valencia Location

A few months ago, after cataract surgery with another ophthalmologist, I was referred to Dr. Guerami to treat a retina tear. I was diagnosed and treated that same day on an emergency basis. Today, I visited again for "floaters" in my other eye and again referred to Dr. Guerami for emergency retina treatment. He's a great eye surgeon, has considerate staff and he has pretty good patient engagement. Talked me through the entire laser treatment, has a good sense of humor and patiently answered all my questions. At the beginning of both visits, I was scared and Dr. Guerami took good care of me the first and now the second time. Hope you never need an eye surgeon and never have a torn retina but if you do, this is the doctor to go to for treatment.

Pegi M. August 2020

Encino Location

Dr Engstrom has been phenomenal, Linda amazing, the entire staff as well. I owe my sight to them all. Having to get shots in the eye is as terrible as it sounds, the professionalism and caring touch make it a relatively easy process for me.

When you are dealing with issues of the retina, you need the best....Dr Engstrom is the guy you want. Truly, the best!

Yohn R. December 2020

Encino Location

I’ve been a patient of Dr. Moysidis for about 18 months following an incident of a retina detachment in one eye and a small retina tear in another. My specific recovery process has involved multiple surgeries, a vitrectomy, a scleral buckle, a gas bubble and later an oil bubble, cataract surgery and laser procedure (latter two conducted by an ophthalmologist from another practice). The process has also involved steroid eye drops and a steroid injection to the eye due to post-surgery inflammation. All this to say: the once-detached retina, while sustaining some damage that limits vision, is now reattached and I do have some useful vision returned to the affected eye. My other eye vision was saved entirely by the tear fix. For this I am so very grateful.

Given that my detachment was a macula-off detachment, I’m aware this is a complicated issue for any retina specialist to correct easily. Having been through all of this, I am glad it was The Retina Partners hands I landed in for the mend. Dr. Moysidis has been so professional, thorough, and accessible the entire time. Three of my visits were urgent situations and I was accommodated quickly.

My ophthalmologist has been a second expert eye to my eye to lend confidence in my progress. He was very impressed by the surgical work of Dr. Moysidis, confirming it was extremely well done, especially given the challenge of my starting point. The Retina Partners staff is also friendly and helpful. I’ve been to several of the locations, but my favorite is the Century City office…

Jen W. April 2021

Century City Location

First, I hope you don't have any problems with your eyes that require treatment. Second, if you do, I can share my experience with the Retina Partners, and Dr. Christian Sanfilippo specifically.Overall, I have been really impressed with the entire staff who are all very friendly and professional. Dr. Sanfilippo is really terrific. He is never rushed, and always explains everything, and I trust him completely.

Pre-pandemic, the Santa Monica office was always very busy, and there was a long wait. However, the Century City office has always been less crowded (I think because it is a satellite office, so just less patients in general). But, I always think that if patients are waiting, that means the doctors are not rushing - which I think is important. I feel very well looked after, and I do think Dr. Sanfilippo is thorough and an excellent physician.

Ray C. March 2021

Century City Location