Surgeries & Procedures

The Doctors at The Retina Partners are board-certified ophthalmologists specializing in the medical and surgical management of diseases of the retina, macula, and vitreous. Our doctors are highly experienced in all major office-based and surgical procedures for diseases of the retina, macula, and vitreous using the latest and most advanced techniques and technology. Here are some the surgeries and procedures we offer and what you can expect. If needed, your doctor will discuss with you the details of how the surgery or procedure is performed. Every surgery and/or procedure always carries a small amount of risk. Your doctor will also review the detailed potential risks and benefits and help you to make the most informed decision regarding your care. As always, questions are welcome and encouraged.

Pars Planta Vitrectomy

Intraocular Gases and Oil

Scleral Buckle

Pneumatic Retinopexy


Laser Retinopexy

Focal Laser

Panretinal Laser

Laser Photocoagulation of Neovascular Membranes

Photodynamic Therapy