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Emergency eye care in 90067

Second only to you, The Retina Partners care about your eyesight. So when you have an eye emergency, you want to be seen by a team of doctors you can trust. We are all committed to the principle of treating every patient as we would treat our own family member. Driven by this philosophy, we make it our top priority to provide personalized and honest care using the latest and most advanced technology in an environment of warmth, compassion, and respect. We encourage our patients to ask questions of your ophthalmologist because it is the right of every patient to learn about the nature of their disease and the latest that science has to offer in understandable terms. Only in this way can the patient, your 90067 eye doctor, and the staff work together as a team to achieve the best results for your emergency care.

When an eye or vision emergency occurs, your 90067 eye doctor is someone you can rely on for immediate, experienced care. While studies show that 1 out of 4 visits to the emergency room or ophthalmologist are not real eye emergencies, when you are experiencing a vision problem, The Retina Partners will diagnose and treat the problem with expedience. We are here for you to treat any eye trauma, sudden vision loss, sudden double vision, sudden red or painful eye, pink eye, a new onset of floaters and/or flashes, and foreign bodies in the eye. We advise our clients to take a few precautions while waiting for us to see you. Don’t press or rub the injured eye. Do not attempt to remove a foreign body that is resting on the cornea or seems to be imbedded in your eye. Avoid using dry cotton balls or swabs or any sharp instruments on the eye. And do not attempt to remove an embedded object.

Protective eye care is often worn to safeguard your eyes while on the job. You want to prevent an injury from occurring in the first place, so the 90067 eye doctor suggests that you wear glasses when appropriate. We are also available for well-care vision appointments and for treatments for conditions of the retina. The experienced ophthalmologist provides a comprehensive list of retinal and macular services. Some of the conditions we treat are diabetic retinopathy, macular degeneration, retinal tears and detachments, flashes and floaters, macular hole, retinal vein occlusion, macular pucker, and central serous chorioretinopathy. Sophisticated diagnostic tests will be performed to accurately assess your condition and the doctor will discuss with you the best treatment options. If you are experiencing an eye emergency or vision problem, come and see the talented team at The Retina Partners.

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